Why Humility Is Key For Me


Countering Ego with Kindness Continues to Pave The Way For Me

Me with a visiting high school student at Loyola who greeted me after my panel with kindness.

Being kind comes naturally to me, and it always has.

From an early age, I believe I had a fundamental understanding of karmic laws, and naturally gave more than I received.

Today I believe the human condition is in dire need and that there is an increasing need for every single person to be seen, heard and loved because of all of the distractions in the world.

In believing these human truths, I acknowledge that I am only one, but that I am indeed one. I can be a change agent anywhere by showing up, being kind and holding space for others, and so can you.

So, while at 5' 1" I understand my smallness in the universe, I also accept my bigness of being and living intentionally too.

Who we are on the inside, shows in our everyday living, our everyday walk and talk.

And there is nothing that brings me more joy than speaking to and with people whom I do not know, who may have different occupations, and earning power because it not only keeps me connected with people, but it keeps me humble.

Humility to me is living every day knowing that there is a much larger universe in which I’m operating.

That I’m not the only person in the world, and that I have a role to play on this earth.

One that is connected to service and to love.

Yet, oft times, my choice to remain humble and grounded, often does not bode well with work.

Working as a business owner, and a leader, I am called upon to be and do grand things.

And I do.

But, as was whispered to my spirit in 2009 when I was Associate Publisher of VIBE Magazine, I shall not get overly connected to position power.

Position power is fleeting, temporal and ego-boosting. Position power feeds us and our families, but be cautious that it does not eat away at your soul by making you disconnected from loved ones, those in need and your responsibility on earth as a human being to live, love and serve. In being exactly who I am, serving from the kindness lens, I always have more than what I need.

My invitation to you today is to remain humble, and always be kind.

Olivia F. Scott is a spirit-led woman serving in education, events & marketing.




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