When YOU become your competition

Becoming your best self with the opportunity of social distancing.

On an everyday basis, we interact with people and forces of nature.

Now that we can’t, there is only one thing holding us back from living our fullest lives — OURSELVES.

Without the distractions of coworkers popping by our desk, time spent in traffic or on the train, someone taking too long in the store, holding the elevator doors too long or going here and there to get something, we have a splendid opportunity before us— to be.

Being is showing up. Being is presence. Being is loving. Being is reaching for the deepest crevices inside you to create the life you want to live, on your terms. Being puts the focus on us.

For those of us who are well (which I hope is the majority of us), this time of forced indoors-dom, presents the now.

We can be who we are, help one another and do things we normally can’t when life is too busy. Now is not about where we can go, who we are seen with or quite frankly about any one outside of our families & close loved ones. We get to honor our word and show up daily for the things most important to us and deliver work without anyone reminding us of deadlines. We can bring our best selves to work right now by delivering when we say we will, and excellently — because our distractions by everyday are limited. We likely can get more done in less time since commutes and coworker distractions are gone (regarding kids…maybe you have play “moments” throughout the day).

How can we use this time to become our best selves, & do things we don’t usually have time to do?

Now is forcing us to be and to connect, like never before.

Now is a time to:

Invest in ourselves. READ.

Spend time with our families. PLAY.

Create the businesses we want. CREATE.

Call an old friend. RECONNECT.

Learn something new. LEARN.

We have everything we need inside of us to be great (yeah that, plus nourishment).

Wishing all courage to connect with self and perseverance to fight negative self-talk and excessive TV and streaming video consumption to be the best versions of ourselves we can be.

Olivia F. Scott, Founder, Omerge Alliances; Adjunct Assistant Professor, NYU