4 ways to build trust before your yes (to love or anything).

Before we love someone, buy a product, or use a service, trust is the underlying currency.

Sometimes we defer our trust to others, because we don’t trust ourselves. We think they know “the way” more than we do. But, truly no one knows “the way” for our lives greater than we do. Sometimes we give away our trust too easily — think of how we blindly get into Uber taxis, meet for coffee with a stranger met on Tinder, book an Airbnb in a foreign country. In actuality, we live in a trust economy — one in which we depend on others and their ability to do what they say they will do more than ever.

Trust is knowing that the entity/person you engage with, will catch your fall. No matter if you’re a cheerleader tumbler, a woman/man falling in love, or stepping yourself into an Uber, trust precedes the transaction.

Below are 4 ways we can all build trust to have stronger relationships and make better decisions on who to trust, whether personal or business.

  1. Time: Allow the test of time to evidence intentions and ability to be there for you and deliver what is promised.
  2. Reputation/Character: Learn the person or brand’s history and examine it to determine if they have delivered in the past, and if what they have delivered meets your expectations.
  3. Shared Values: Start with you. What do you value? After determining what you value, compare this to what the person/company is able to offer you, e.g. quality (morals/workmanship), time (do they deliver when you want/does the person have enough time for you in their life), and what does the person/entity wants from you? Do they just want your money or time, or do they sincerely want to add value to your life?
  4. Ask, Feel & Be True To You(for interpersonal relationships only): Ask the person to tell you what they want. Listen with your heart and head combined. Trust your feelings and inner intuition and go with God (your inner voice/knowing).

Wishing all amazingness as we build a world more filled with trust.

Respectfully, Olivia