Grace…defined | as a currency…

Grace is a word I have always loved.

I find beauty in its rhythm, flow, simplicity and how it sounds when I say it. Just by saying this one-syllable word, my spirit is comforted and soul at ease.

It is the name of one of my mother’s dear friends, and a friend’s daughter. It is a word I have always cherished, yet it remained elusive to me regarding its exact meaning.

This morning, on Christianitys holiest day of the year (Easter), I arose at 4:30 am with the concept of “grace” on my mind and decided to look up the definition. One Christian theologian described grace as, “the love and mercy given to us by God because God desires us to have it, not because of anything we have done to earn it.” I realized that Easter is about this very notion through Christ’s sacrifice, and perhaps this is why I arose so early with grace on my mind.

I stopped. Breathed. And re-read this definition a few times for full comprehension. Grace. Hmmm.

In a world of entitlement, in which people feel that their mere presence on earth warrants them having whatever they want, I ponder how much more satisfied we would all be if our currency was grace. If we gave to others with no pre-qualification or criteria.

Grace as a global currency would allow people to move through life transacting with humility and benevolence. We would give to others because we believed in the law of agape and not the law of scarcity.

Agape is a belief system that there is more than enough of whatever you need. Scarcity is a belief system that there are finite resources which must be hoarded and kept close to the vest in order to maintain what one thinks they already possess. If you believe in agape, you know that you possess nothing so are able to give more freely anyway.

Trusting God as our supply for everything, and believing that there is more than enough (agape) for each of us eliminates our need to withhold our love, money or time from those who could truly benefit from our generosity and resources, and believing that when we need these things that they will be supplied to us, supernaturally and magnanimously.

Instead of giving to others because they have earned it by our personal judgment, we would give simply because we know who our provider is, and that there is more available to each of us because all of our needs are already provided for according to God’s riches (which are infinite, and not finite).

Our role is not to assess others, but to be vessels of love. In being a vessel, I have found that my wealth of joy, love, provision and all things needed has always been overflowing. And know that I live in the overflow because of God’s grace through his chosen vessels and because of the grace of loved ones who activated their agape spirits on me.

If this world operated from grace instead of greed, what a more pleasant world it would be. You see, greed drives us to operate from scarcity, which breeds fear. With this mindset, you believe that there is only just enough love to sustain you so you do things you would not normally do out of fear, like hold on to a relationship which does not serve you or the other person because you don’t believe that the universe and God will supply all of your needs. Or holding on to a job that is supplying you with basics, not knowing that if you released that job, that God would bless you with something that would provide for you for a lifetime, beyond basics.

Operating in grace means you accept that the universe will conspire to bless you with all of your needs. Living in grace allows us vessels to tap into an infinite reservoir of love, patience, joy and wealth that never ceases, because the source is God.

Grace is living with open hands, open hearts, and open spirits to give and receive as God guides us.

Grace be with you….Olivia

Written by

Founder, Omerge Alliances. Creator, Freedom At The Mat. Marketing Strategist & Educator (NYU). Mizzou Journalism & Gonzaga University Grad.

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