Empire Building for Brands

Takeaways from @EmpireFox for Business Owners & Brands

Watching the landing, crescendo & ascent of @empirefox has been thrilling.

It has inspired us to identify and profile key components to empire building, e.g. empire-worthy concept, script, cast, distribution, factor & work ethic.

Business owners, read and ask yourself, is what you’re doing, “empire-worthy?”

1. “Empire-worthy” concept. Is your concept for a product or service relevant to the desired audience? Does it deliver a solution to a need of the consumer. How can you adjust your offering to meet a need? If there is no need, do you have the budget to create the need, or are you a part of a movement or category that will create the demand for you? If your concept isn’t relevant, your efforts to build the business are all for naught. Search for the “white space” you can uniquely own and dominate like none other.

2. “Empire-worthy” script. Does your business have a strong strategy, strong purpose & foundation?

3. “Empire-worth” cast. Taraji & Terrance play Cookie & Lucious as if they were born to play these characters. The directors scrapped a previous cast in search of the perfect cast that would build. Do what it takes to have the right cast of characters in your empire.

4. “Empire-worthy” distribution. Is your product widely accessible? Note Empire is on broadcast, not cable. Are you visible enough? If not, do what it takes to be seen by buyers of your offerings.

5. “Empire-worthy” factor. Do you deliver consistently week after week in such a manner that your creation becomes widely sought after (in the case of Empire, artists are clamoring for on-screen appearances, bananas for a Season 1 show). Build such a phenomenon that people will come to you.

6. “Empire-worthy” work ethic. Like Lucious & Cookie in @Empirefox, are you willing to sacrifice and do whatever it takes for your empire? If not, find a new business concept. It takes endless sacrifice to build an empire, and often you’re not having fun in the process. No one sees that.

Awestruck by @Empirefox’s success, all posts this week are inspired by the show. Starting with #girlpowermonday today, we will feature women building empires by tweaking their scripts, cast, distribution and ensuring their concept is relevant for maximum reception. Check us out at http://omergeyoursoul.tumblr.com/

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Founder, Omerge Alliances. Creator, Freedom At The Mat. Marketing Strategist & Educator (NYU). Mizzou Journalism & Gonzaga University Grad.

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