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How one man’s spirit salvaged my self esteem

Otis Smalls (far left), Me, Mr. Grant and my friend E at a BBQ Otis invited us to in the Bronx.

Last Saturday while I was driving down a Memphis, TN street, my Harlem neighbor and friend called my cell phone in tears. Through whimpers and gasped breaths, she managed to muster, “Otis died.” …

Soul Lessons After Hurricane Ida

Grace & Humility After The Storm

Many people in the U.S. experienced the currents and aftermath of Hurricane Ida this week. Both currents and post effects disrupted our routines — emotionally, physically and spiritually.

But if we are honest, this storm and any other storm that we experience personally or…

The Journey of Launching Freedom At The Mat Online

Freedom At The Mat Creator, Olivia F. Scott (ME!); March 2020

Quarantine was thrust upon us all. At the beginning of the COVID-19 onset pandemic, I was extremely busy with work, and exercise (even created a routine that included 3x weekly bike rides, and 3–4x weekly yoga (to offset the snacks)).


Why making time & space to cultivate your mental & emotional wellness matters

My sister & I

Today is my sister’s birthday. She died on February 11, 2019.

As a sister, you are kinda obligated NOT to air out your sister’s dirty laundry. You know — out of respect for your sibling and family…

The present is all we know for sure and serving makes you feel a part of a greater whole.

Right now, the world is filled with fear.

The rhetoric by leaders meant to provide hope is unnerving, because the answers are not tried and true, and info is shaky at…

Olivia F. Scott - OBlog

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